Friday, January 28, 2011

Look what I found

food, ladybug 009-1

I was making homemade spaghetti sauce yesterday. Chopping, peeling, blanching, stirring my painfully dry, little hands away. I was listening to a remix of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for the fourteenth time (it’s brillz.) I almost dropped my precious veggies when I saw this p.y.t on the refrigerator. A little ladybug made my whole afternoon.

Brad left today, but not until after he left me the cutest love Post-it on the kitchen table. Jealous? He’s in Montana for preseason sales until tomorrow. Which essentially means I am alone. No Bradley.

No Don Draper. We promised each other we’d never watch an episode of Mad Men without the other. Levi considers that cheating with Don Draper, and Brad agrees.

He didn’t say anything about Jersey Shore though.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toddler Talk

Toddler- “What’s that?

Me- “Make up, does it make me look prettier?”

Toddler- …No”

Monday, January 24, 2011

Something new

I am going to start a weekly pin post.

If you look to the left, you’ll see my “Follow my Pins” Badge right above the awesome Inception quote. You have to say that as if I’m a tour guide.

Pinterest is an online catalogue of any picture you’d find on the internet. People “Pin” what they think is interesting, and other people can see that and “Re Pin” it. You can also follow people, and see the most popular pins, and what people are saying about them. It’s like Twitter and Photobucket put together, just a lot cooler.

It’s genius. It’s like a virtual pin board to keep track of all my ideas, about everything. I made my own categories, along with the ones that are preset.

I’ll post a quote, an animal, some type of clothing, and something awesome.

I hope what little followers I have will enjoy my Pinterest posts, as much as I enjoy pinning them.

Have you seen the digital short for snl called “Andy and Pee Wee’s night out”?


Fun fact- My husband loved Pee Wee as a child, he laughed so hard while watching this video…and at that picture.

Oh another fact, but no surprise (and not fun) I’m sick. It’s a cold, and not as bad as that past ones but a cold nonetheless. Boo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had the best day with you.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Brad. Needless to say^^^

Morning: Picked up an uh-mazing array, yes, array, of fruits and veggies for $15.00! Bountiful Baskets, anyone?

snow, snowman, daycare 112-1

Mid-morning: Made delicious omelets with said vegetables while watching Lost, silently wishing Locke and Jack would morph into Don and Sterling.

Noon: Cleaned our apartment.

Afternoon: Spent an hour in a tiny Antique Shop in Rigby. Tried on two dresses, four skirts, got stuck in a shirt, and ended up leaving with two pairs of earrings. Brad said I looked like Peggy from Mad Men with the skirts, so I opted not to. His also said “That dress is too young for you” and I said “Hogwash. I’m only 20 years old.” That owner thought that was pretty funny. My man has a way with words. But to give him credit, it was a red corduroy jumper.

earrings, soup 005-1earrings, soup 007

Speaking of, Brad has been talking about finding a vintage razor for weeks. Literally, he found three sets at this shop. Guess who is the proud new owner of this baby? Neet-o. This is what we call, a good buy baby.

earrings, soup 008

After-Afternoon: Finally met Brad’s Uncle Ben, his girls, and Brad’s Cousin Megan and her husband Sterling at Wal Mart.

Evening: Bought TWO pairs of Joe’s jeans for…hold onto something sturdy, $50.00 total. I saved $200 big ones! Don’t pass out, as I nearly did. That’d be embarrassing.

After that transaction: Brad found the men’s section of the store. Go figure, on our way out. He bought a light jacket for $2.50, retailed at $80.00. Aaaand, I found the accessories. As in, a gray belt and a faded nautical scarf.

30 Minutes Later: Met eight of our awesome friends at Wingers for some sticky fingers! Brad and I were converted, thanks Chase and Ali for introducing us!

Night: Put on what snow attire we had as in, layers and layers, some hotties and plastic bags on our feetsies (Hey I’m Chandler- Could I be wearing anymore clothes?) Sledding! That’s what we did. Yes, I went outside in the snow…to play. It was lots of fun, and after we had yummy hot peppermint cocoa and played Apple to Apples. Well, they played, I beat everyone. It’s always the quiet ones.

snow, snowman, daycare 074-2

Thanks for the best day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Can I just say…

I have the coolest siblings ever.

One of my brothers, my sister, and her husband went to the 30 Seconds To Mars concert in Seattle. And Tyler went onstage! Did I mention my sister is seven months pregnant, and was in the mosh pit? Yeah.

My sibs beat yours in the cool contest.

brad and haley wedding 426

And Brad is just too handsome.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Days until I’m twenty one. I’ll get to hear the Happy Birthday song by the cutest two year olds around! Also, it just means there will be two years between husband and I. There are two months out of the year were he feels like a cradle robber. I just remind him that he is and something’s are just okay sometimes. Let’s celebrate and buy me stuff I’ll feel guilty for having. Happy almost Birthday!

What am I wanting for my big 2-1 you ask? Don’t ask me. I have no freakin’ clue.

And another Hunger Games Book. Pretty please, Suzanne Collins?

Okay, maybe I have thought a little about it.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Important Messages…$20

Every once in awhile, a great idea comes along.

For example, where would we be without the water heater? I don’t know about you, but I’d die. Let’s not forget good ol’ electricity. Benjamin Franklin and the electricity gang did everyone a favor. We all owe them one.

Oh and Netflix. Thanks. Because of Netflix, our evenings are a melting pot of the following: The force of the Island, the force between Meredith and McDreamy, and Don Draper, and whatever is going on between Peggy and Campbell. Untouchable. It’s a want vs need, love vs hate, and an “I’m already in my pajamas, why not watch more” kind of thing comfort. Regardless of sarcasm and resent, thank you Mr. Netflix.

I’ll get to the point. Heard of Etsy? I troll Etsy. I happened upon this gem while looking for newspaper print wallpaper don’t ask. This guy is almost a genius. Whoever he is (let’s be honest, it had to be a guy.) You may just have to look for yourself, but I couldn’t help it.


You should, Buddy. It’s called the newspaper and it’s a heckofalot cheaper. and quicker. and broader. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.

oil spill

Might want to overnight this one….


See for yourself

Want more? Go HERE

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sorry, my hippy is showing.

Let me begin to say, Props to the vegans. I respect your persistence and motivation to eat within your...spectrum? I don’t want to say boundaries because that sounds restrictive. My diet is undefined. I eat eggs, chicken, turkey and fish. Fruits and vegetables, legumes, rice and quinoa, nuts and seeds, and also dried fruits. No wheat, dairy, or beef. What can I say? I am my Mother’s Daughter.

Eating wheat free has been going really well. I still don’t feel 100% all the time. I’m bloated like no ones business on some days, but I’m telling you anyway even although it is bad manners. my blog. It makes me feel better knowing that I won’t suffer in the long run from a bad diet. I don’t eat processed foods, avoid genetically modified foods as much as I can, any HFCS (ANY corn for that matter) dairy, and wheat. It’s hard. Sometimes I’ll slip up and eat two sprinkle covered rice crispy treats during snack time rather than none. It’s hard to avoid something that’s in every packaged food and bottled drink.

Personally I strongly feel that if you completely cut off what you want, you’re going to have double the amount when you finally cave. Ever since I cut out wheat, my headaches have drastically diminished. This past week, I ate said rice krispy treats and had a headache for three days straight. Marshmellows= Sugar, Corn starch, and Corn Syrup.

Did you know that gluten and dairy foods contain a component that is a morphine-derivative, which is highly addictive? The bread family contains glutomorphin and the dairy family contains casomorphin. That's why we love it, my fellow Americans. It's like a morphine rush eating pizza, ice cream, fresh baked bread.

Wait, I thought whole wheat toast was good for breakfast? Nope. Some are more sensitive than others, good for you if you can’t tell a difference. Our bodies aren’t designed to process wheat. Cows are, wheat is in the grass family. By the way, cows are fed corn. Go figure. One of the many reasons I don’t eat beef. If you can afford grass fed beef, you are lucky. We’re poor college kids, WinCo doesn’t sell high quality beef.

Cows are Ruminants, meaning their diets are plant based and they convert cellulose into protein and fats. Since Corn is King (and cheap,) cows are fed corn. They are then given antibiotics, protein supplements, and hormones because their diet can’t sustain them. And you can’t turn an 80 lb calf into a 1200 lb cow on grass. Who wants to eat an unhealthy, antibiotic-ridden, poor cow? I’ll go without, thank you.

This is something that I am passionate about. I don’t write things like this to put myself on a pedestal; eating like this is challenging, and you learn from slipping up. I don’t know what to classify my diet as. I’m not vegan, or vegetarian. I think my diet is closest to a Low Glycemic Diet/heavy on the fruits and veggies. Whatever your diet, it’s so important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Doctors don’t study nutrition as well as they should. There are great doctors out there, and then there are brilliant doctors. Those who don’t go straight to the prescription pad to solve a problem. The doctor who tested me for allergies was an amazing doctor, who gently explained to my 6th grade self that I couldn’t eat the same as everyone else.

What do I remember most about that day? She looked happy for me. I appreciate my allergies, intolerances and often extreme views on the beef, corn, and GMO industry. One day I’ll be perfect, a long time from now. Until then, I’m thankful for a restricted healthy diet.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Forever a little monster.

Let me just say, Telephone by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce is my all time favorite song….shocker, I know.

What a coincidence! It happens to be my favorite music video!

I watch it every now and then, it makes me giddy. And when you live in a depressing town like I do, there’s nothing that makes you giddy inside like your favorite artist (besides your favorite husband, of course.)

Say what you will, these are facts:

Lady Gaga is on FIRE. Rexburg is not. It’s 18 degrees outside.

If I ever got to go see her, even from a distance, I’d be one of those panicking, hyperventilating, crying 11 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Or a 40 year old women watching Twilight. Or possibly everyone’s father at a Glenn Beck rally. I like to have options.

If you haven’t seen it, go to youtube.

Barbara Walters likes her, so she can’t be evil!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

fee fi fo fum

That’s what our neighbors should be saying as they walk. and,

“stomp, stomp, stomp…CAN YOU HEAR ME WALKING?”

Yes. And you rattle the oven. You both deserve the award for heaviest walkers stompers. You have lead feet.

They sound like the hulk the way they walk. And they slam the toilet seat shut, not even joking. Even at 3 am. She was pregnant, I was right and because one day they brought home a baby. (I had never seen her until after she had him.)

And we can hear their muffle conversations. Except they’re pretty loud at talking too, and sometimes not even muffled.

Not to mention, they have people in an out all day and night.

Maybe they sell drugs. No one would assume such. except me.

It’s ironic, because we’re signing a new lease today.

Brad’s going to have to forge my signature to get me to get that to happen.

Plus, they stole our parking spot! Umm, hello!? Those were empty when we moved in, just because we leave for a week doesn’t mean we give up our spots! We hads it first. Please excuse the lotr quote, I can’t help it sometimes.

whatever. At least their baby isn’t at the age where it’s loud. It’s like a month. Give it a while. I’ll be out for sure.

Sorry for the really lame and nagging blog post, I just had to let people know. For no reason, because it’s my blog and if you felt like you’ve wasted your time, too bad. You creeped….crept?

But thanks neighbors for letting brad borrow your tools.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays and a Birthday!

Bradley and I went home for Christmas! It was so good to be home! We spent a lot of time with family it was nice. The flight was a little rocky- no turbulence or anything…I just haven’t been on a plane since I was very young. I had a mini panic attack during take off, Brad was great though! Asking me to look out the window saying it’d make me feel better.

My parents flew up from Texas, and Brandon and Genevieve and little Vivienne drove from Spokane as well. She has gotten so big! I’m glad they moved out of Utah, so we can see them more often! Her and Lydia are so cute playing together!

Brad is a Christmas Eve Baby! He turned 23! We celebrated his birthday with his family by going out to breakfast, and then with mine at The Rabens for Christmas Eve dinner. I got him the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy. I know, I’m a cool wife. But I will admit, it was selfish. I wanted them too.

Brad and I got each other a very modest amount of gifts, it’s our first Christmas and it’s about about the presents anyway. I got brad a video game he had been wanting, and he got me a computer game I had been wanting and a perfume I've been wanting forever. We saw the last bottle at the store, and he grabbed it as we were walking away without letting me notice, that little trickster.

My Mother and Father in law totally spoiled us. I got a Kindle! Brad got a new cell phone and on top of that, they got us a printer/scanner! Talk about being technologically up to date! Now brad and I won’t have to go to the school’s library to print out important documents. Because seriously, that walk in the snow? Get real.

While we were enjoying the fresh air in Washington, our apartment froze. Literally. Our door was frozen shut, Brad shoulder rammed that thing so hard. We had to blow dry it the next day it get it to shut all the way! Brad also noticed, get this, FROST on our cans in our LAZY Susan. Just thought I’d clarify that it’s a Lazy Susan. Not Lady Susan, as I’ve been referring it as for two days. Thanks spell check!

I started going back to work yesterday, and let me tell you. I am exhausted. Today especially since I covered my class in the afternoon too. It was good, but it will take a couple days to get things back to normal. I taught them a new song that brad taught me on our drive home from Boise. My kids call it the lemon song, and it’s about if the rain were lemon drops and gum drops. The end is their favorite because I’ll stick out my tongue and sing the tune.

There was a lot of haircutting while I was home, which was good because I like doing it, but it felt like that’s what I spent our visit doing. Maybe next time I’ll forget my shears haha, just kidding…maybe? Overall it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back! I’ll post pictures later, I didn’t really take any ]:

By the way, Thanks Levi and Steph for the first season of Mad Men! We watch two episodes a night, thanks for feeding our new addiction!