Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sorry, my hippy is showing.

Let me begin to say, Props to the vegans. I respect your persistence and motivation to eat within your...spectrum? I don’t want to say boundaries because that sounds restrictive. My diet is undefined. I eat eggs, chicken, turkey and fish. Fruits and vegetables, legumes, rice and quinoa, nuts and seeds, and also dried fruits. No wheat, dairy, or beef. What can I say? I am my Mother’s Daughter.

Eating wheat free has been going really well. I still don’t feel 100% all the time. I’m bloated like no ones business on some days, but I’m telling you anyway even although it is bad manners. my blog. It makes me feel better knowing that I won’t suffer in the long run from a bad diet. I don’t eat processed foods, avoid genetically modified foods as much as I can, any HFCS (ANY corn for that matter) dairy, and wheat. It’s hard. Sometimes I’ll slip up and eat two sprinkle covered rice crispy treats during snack time rather than none. It’s hard to avoid something that’s in every packaged food and bottled drink.

Personally I strongly feel that if you completely cut off what you want, you’re going to have double the amount when you finally cave. Ever since I cut out wheat, my headaches have drastically diminished. This past week, I ate said rice krispy treats and had a headache for three days straight. Marshmellows= Sugar, Corn starch, and Corn Syrup.

Did you know that gluten and dairy foods contain a component that is a morphine-derivative, which is highly addictive? The bread family contains glutomorphin and the dairy family contains casomorphin. That's why we love it, my fellow Americans. It's like a morphine rush eating pizza, ice cream, fresh baked bread.

Wait, I thought whole wheat toast was good for breakfast? Nope. Some are more sensitive than others, good for you if you can’t tell a difference. Our bodies aren’t designed to process wheat. Cows are, wheat is in the grass family. By the way, cows are fed corn. Go figure. One of the many reasons I don’t eat beef. If you can afford grass fed beef, you are lucky. We’re poor college kids, WinCo doesn’t sell high quality beef.

Cows are Ruminants, meaning their diets are plant based and they convert cellulose into protein and fats. Since Corn is King (and cheap,) cows are fed corn. They are then given antibiotics, protein supplements, and hormones because their diet can’t sustain them. And you can’t turn an 80 lb calf into a 1200 lb cow on grass. Who wants to eat an unhealthy, antibiotic-ridden, poor cow? I’ll go without, thank you.

This is something that I am passionate about. I don’t write things like this to put myself on a pedestal; eating like this is challenging, and you learn from slipping up. I don’t know what to classify my diet as. I’m not vegan, or vegetarian. I think my diet is closest to a Low Glycemic Diet/heavy on the fruits and veggies. Whatever your diet, it’s so important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Doctors don’t study nutrition as well as they should. There are great doctors out there, and then there are brilliant doctors. Those who don’t go straight to the prescription pad to solve a problem. The doctor who tested me for allergies was an amazing doctor, who gently explained to my 6th grade self that I couldn’t eat the same as everyone else.

What do I remember most about that day? She looked happy for me. I appreciate my allergies, intolerances and often extreme views on the beef, corn, and GMO industry. One day I’ll be perfect, a long time from now. Until then, I’m thankful for a restricted healthy diet.


Stephanie Vogel said...

One of had to get mom's crazy food allergies! Morphine wheat!?? That's explains a lot.....bread is my drug of choice. Haha just kidding...kinda, it is goooood stuff. Maybe you should be a nutritionist/dietitian or something since that's practically what you have to do anyways for yourself. I'm glad your feeling better, no rice crispies anymore!

Lexie said...

Great post! Go girl!! Can I tempt you with a non-grain finished bison burger? HA!

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