Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not really a blog post

I’m just posting this because I have less than five minutes left to use the computer because Brad has homework. Lame. I was looking through my camera and I realized I’m almost three weeks behind in blogging. For serious. I have to blog about the plastic on our last apartments window, whaaat? the walk we took on the train tracks, probably some pictures of food or something, I love food and the fat kid inside me wants to take pictures of what I’m about to eat all the time, my sister and her cute babies coming to sexyrexy to stay with us! our fish…all 16 or 17 of them and a frog, the walk we took yesterday at the perk, and the Easter Bradley and dying Easter eggs.

by the way, Brad and I quote that video so much we’ve incorporated it into our daily vocabulary that I forgot it all came from this video.

“Crusty Crusts” when we have chapped lips or I’m wiping boogy noses at work.

“STAY ON YO SIDE!!” When we almost get in an accident. It’s never our fault.

“TOW UP” Whenever something is tow up.

“Peter at the perk” whenever we want to go to the park.

“What-err” you know.

“Can’t resiss thiss” whenever we’re irresistible. Or I know I look terrible.

“Consididate” instead of considerate.

Anyway, look very soon for actual posts.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boxes and Froyo, ya’ll. Boxes and Froyo.

hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 004-1hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 011hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 014-1hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 017-1hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 020hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 021

The biggest snowflakes I think I have ever seen. | Eating dinner at Da Pineapple Grill. No really, it’s called “Da” and this was the best picture we got. Every time we take a picture, my camera puts a box over brads face and asks, “Did someone blink?” Oh no, he just has small eyes? So you get one brad eye. | Cake batter, Red Velvet, Green Apple, Raspberry, and Vanilla froyo at Kiwi Loco. With everything from cheesecake to nerds. We are not so good at this sort of thing. We’ve been spoiled with Cold Stone. Let us choose from a menu where someone has done the “hard work” of tasting flavor combinations for us, please. We know our place. | Watching one of my favorite movies at Kiwi Loco. Better known to me as, “Nine-ning McKeen Movie…caaar.” Want to know what Madagascar is called? “Maga-dascar..I like to move it, move it.” | The view from the couch. Oh you like my new ottoman? It’s a cardboard box full of Pyrex glassware [fancy] and topped with a pillow. I’ve been watching HGTV, can you tell?

We’re moving on Tuesday. This is the ninth time I’ve moved since I could remember moving. Third time I’ve moved down the street, so what I’m getting as is, I’ve got serious packing skills. Serious enough to put on my resume. Thanks mom and dad!

For your information, I totally impressed Brad with my Draco Malfoy impression the other night. They should have hired me for that character. In fact, maybe I’ll  get into character while moving the perfectly boxed boxes. That’ll really impress him. Skills, people.

hp noodle, snow, pineapple grill 003

Speaking of HP, I was making dinner the other night and found a very special noodle AS Brad was reading Harry Potter. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I’ve waited for this day forever.

Well, I waited for yesterday forever. It’s happened. I’ve been a proud celeb juice head for three years now. I’ve been addicted to the Hunger Games since I started reading the first one sometime last year.

and it happened. My two favorite things have collided and it made me all giddy inside.

Perez did a post on The Hunger Games! I nearly started clapping my hands and jumped up and down.

They’ve cast  the roles for the boys, just on the heels of casting Katniss.

So exciting. I might just have to get all my obsessed friends together and throw one of these. 

Monday, April 4, 2011


that’s what this weekend was. We stopped at antique shops, brad’s grandparents taught us card games, we went shopping in slc, ate at Tucano’s, and went to conference. Loved it.

conference weekend 001conference weekend 003conference weekend 013conference weekend 029conference weekend 057conference weekend 021conference weekend 010conference weekend 009conference weekend 008conference weekend 030conference weekend 049conference weekend 045conference weekend 059conference weekend 036

Breakfast at JB’s before we left. Eating chicken hearts at Tucano’s in SLC. The Salt Lake Temple, my ticket and the view of the Conference Center from our seats. Outside of Tucano’s and the view from the restaurant. Showing Grandpa Kunz how to search the internet on my phone. He’s a Jimmer Fan. The drive home, my ring shining in the natural light caught my eye. The shoes that made my heart beat faster when I put them on. Pretty colors on our drive home.

By the way, getting your hair “brushed” with play forks, and slotted spoons in my case, really isn’t that bad. Especially when about five two years do it. And then they pretend to eat it. That Ariel was onto something.