Saturday, December 11, 2010

the verdict

Good news and bad news.

Good news: I'm not (as) sick anymore!
Bad news: I'm still dealing with gastrointestinal problems. tmi?

The reason for it is....duh duh duuuuuh! I have developed yet another food allergy.

I think. I am not sure because I don't have health insurance and haven't had my blood tested yet. But I am positive I have developed an intolerance to wheat, or I may have celiac disease. How do I know? I can't eat anything without bloating. seriously. My silhouette looks like I'm smuggling a cereal bowl. Which is ironic, since I'm allergic to cereal.

I'll spare you the details, but I ate a slice of wheat bread on sunday night and I was regretting it all week.

I already have an intolerance to dairy, and have known this since I found out I was allergic to corn. My doctor said since I had such a strong corn allergy, I was susceptible to developing more allergies the older I got. She explained that I'm not lactose intolerant, but I don't digest and process dairy as well and, shouldn't have it in large amounts. I ignored her, since I didn't even realize my body had a problem at the age, but the problems came eventually. If you know me, you'd know that I am a recovering milkaholic. I could knock back a gallon in 5 days. tops. and then have sinus problems. and the cereal bowl would arrive and I'd ignore it. wear a lose shirt that day.

"Hi my name is Haley and I'm addicted to the moo."
"Hi Haaaley."

It didn't help that I married a cerealholic. I will have you know that when I eat granola now I pour rice milk in my bowl and give myself a pat on the back. My mom was and always will be right. Milk was bad for me, and that I should have stopped eating wheat forever ago."carbs are the enemy." name that movie
And corn is the root of all evil. Don't believe me? Watch food, inc.

So my husby and I are overhauling my diet. I'm on a gluten-dairy-corn-free-as-I-can-get and high fiber, lots of fruits and vegetables-diet. It's about to explode, it's going to be the next south beach diet. It'll be called, The Starving In South East Idaho Diet. No counting points, because it doesn't really make sense. Weigh yourself often, you'll lose three pounds in just a weekend. But don't tell your husband, he'll tell you it's just water weight. Oh and Hershey's chocolate chips aren't made of dairy and it's okay to eat them straight out of the bag.

So that's my dietary life, whether you wanted to read about it or not. my blog. just sayin.

Update on my hubby. Brad's done with school on friday! He's in the middle of taking lots of tests and finishing assignments. He got to see a cadaver the other day and said he doesn't want to do it again. I don't blame him. I love him, He's very supportive. He just told me he's going to throw the bag of chocolate chips in the trash.

The dedication for the new center at BYU-I is this friday and bradley got us tickets! Elder Uchtdorf and Eyering are going to be speaking. Brad got to go in with his class to run on the track and he said it's just like the conference center in SLC, but with 10 basketball courts and a track!

Speaking of SLC, We're going to Salt Lake City afterwards! We're going to see the lights at temple square since I've never been at Christmas time and spending time with grandma and grandpa kunz since we didn't get much tme with them the last visit. We were planning on going to the Gateway Mall, but since we got my hospital bill in the mall this morning I don't see the point. I'd still like to wander around anthropologie considering I wouldn't have been able to afford anything there pre-hospital bill anyway. I'm getting shoppers remorse already and we haven't even left yet. Maybe we'll share a gluten free cupcake at one of the dessert shops? ay? ay?

We're coming home on the 23rd and coming back the 1st. It will be really good to see family and to be in Washington state again. I realized the other day how far away from the ocean I am and I started to panic and felt that if I wanted to get away I couldn't. Brad said it's called land locked. It surprised me, considering I don't like to swim and didn't go to the coast that much. I guess after living so close your whole like you realize how beautiful it is. Even if tacoma smelled like a rotten egg mixed with expired canned dog food often in the morning. It was just nice driving hardly any distance to see the waterfront, and a little bit further to Seattle. It'll be good to come home. Who knows, maybe I'll start to like hiking.
but who are we kidding?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Worst november ever.

Since Halloween I have:

-Had a cold, with congestion that felt like my face was cracking in half
-a Headache...for an entire weekend
-The stomach flu
-I went to the emergency room for abdominal pain
-another Cold, with more painful congestion
-and an Earache, which I have right now.

What's the kicker you ask?

I don't have health insurance.

I'm on a vitamin cocktail that would make your gramma's look like mini bag of skittles.

I was sick on Halloween AND Thanksgiving. If I'm sick on Christmas, Santa's getting coal. But I wouldn't be surprised if I am, considering I'm like sticky fly tape for illnesses.

I'll just cry and drink my emergenC.

Either way, what I have learned is that my husband, is my hunky super hero. I love him for going to wal mart right before they close to get me any medicine he thinks will help...(even though he comes home with more fishies) I love him for not laughing at me because I'm afraid to throw up. I love him for making the decision to finally go to the emergency room when I refuse over and over again because I'm a baby. I love him for giving me blessings, praying for my health, and overall being the best lounge all day in pajamas buddy.

oh and watching princess and the frog with me that one time.

and for the fact I probably made two meals last month*

and one of them was waffles.

three days ago. dangit, that was in december.
okay, one meal. It was Novemeber 30th, actually.

I don't know why I am getting sick over and over again, we still don't know. But what I do know is, I am so grateful I have Brad. He's a hunk.

And we come home in 18 days!!!!

*Linda, I promise I have been feeding brad (with the exception of this month) when you see him in 18 days, you'll probably think he's been starving from all the weight he's lost. But I promise it's not all my fault! Sandwiches and cereal don't like to stick to his bones.

By the way, I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I nearly cried because it's over! I love the story, the characters and yes, I am the HG equivalent of a twi-hard. They need to come up with a name for those addicted to the series. The catch phrase could be, "Are you hungry?" I don't know, it needs work. haha. Anyway, I don't know what I was expecting. Mockingjay was very bittersweet. It ended the way it should have, and Suzanne Collins did a beautiful job. Buuuut, I'm a very emotional person and I need deets. Details people! I would have loved to have read about gale and katnisses relationship and peeta and katnisses relationship in the epilouge, and how they got to that point (or lack of, without giving anything away.) Any many other things that I rant to Brad about until he gets annoyed. He read them also, and we feel the same way about some things. Regardless, I loved them. Love, love, love. that translates into, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. Can't WAIT for the movies!