Saturday, December 10, 2011

Over the summer pt. 1

Guess who keeps getting viruses on the compy?! WE DO! That’s what we get for trying to watch Dexter on off campus internet.  That’s why you get this little blog post waaaay past it’s original posting, and the next couple because they got erased along with everything else on our laptop. Enjoy!

Our anniversary was July 24th, but that was the day we my sister and I drove home to Washington. So the night before Brad planned an evening to celebrate :]  He tolled me to be ready by a certain time and that we’d be leaving. He ended up surprising me with dinner and a view! He also brought sparkling cider, and we got ice cream afterwards, he’s so sweet :]


The couple days my sister was here before we left for Washington, she helped us pack up our apartment and put it in storage. After we were gone, Brad was left to take care of the odds & ends, check out of our place and drive to Wyoming! He was so awesome for cleaning the whole place and packing up the little car with things for the summer. What a trooper!


Lydia all ready for the long drive! She had found a permanent marker in our kitchen in the process of moving and used her leg, and our floor as a canvas. Steph was able to get the permanent marker off the floor, not her skin though haha. After driving in the car for the whole duration of the trip, (Idaho to Washington, Washington to Wyoming, Wyoming to Idaho,) we had watched so much Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Mickey Mouse, Sing Along Disney, Monsters Inc, and some Shrek.

While we were home for two weeks, I didn’t get much pictures taken. None actually haha. I was so busy the whole time! Spending time with family, meeting up with friends, doing hair, after hair, after hair. But it’s okay because the next post will have some lovely Washington green :]