Wednesday, January 5, 2011

fee fi fo fum

That’s what our neighbors should be saying as they walk. and,

“stomp, stomp, stomp…CAN YOU HEAR ME WALKING?”

Yes. And you rattle the oven. You both deserve the award for heaviest walkers stompers. You have lead feet.

They sound like the hulk the way they walk. And they slam the toilet seat shut, not even joking. Even at 3 am. She was pregnant, I was right and because one day they brought home a baby. (I had never seen her until after she had him.)

And we can hear their muffle conversations. Except they’re pretty loud at talking too, and sometimes not even muffled.

Not to mention, they have people in an out all day and night.

Maybe they sell drugs. No one would assume such. except me.

It’s ironic, because we’re signing a new lease today.

Brad’s going to have to forge my signature to get me to get that to happen.

Plus, they stole our parking spot! Umm, hello!? Those were empty when we moved in, just because we leave for a week doesn’t mean we give up our spots! We hads it first. Please excuse the lotr quote, I can’t help it sometimes.

whatever. At least their baby isn’t at the age where it’s loud. It’s like a month. Give it a while. I’ll be out for sure.

Sorry for the really lame and nagging blog post, I just had to let people know. For no reason, because it’s my blog and if you felt like you’ve wasted your time, too bad. You creeped….crept?

But thanks neighbors for letting brad borrow your tools.


Stephanie Vogel said...

I hated people who were loud like that at least you don't hear them when they have sex...or do you?? ew. Don't wanna know. Like Brandon and Genevieve neighbors, ewwwwwwwwww. I'd move if that were the case like YESTERDAY!

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