Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays and a Birthday!

Bradley and I went home for Christmas! It was so good to be home! We spent a lot of time with family it was nice. The flight was a little rocky- no turbulence or anything…I just haven’t been on a plane since I was very young. I had a mini panic attack during take off, Brad was great though! Asking me to look out the window saying it’d make me feel better.

My parents flew up from Texas, and Brandon and Genevieve and little Vivienne drove from Spokane as well. She has gotten so big! I’m glad they moved out of Utah, so we can see them more often! Her and Lydia are so cute playing together!

Brad is a Christmas Eve Baby! He turned 23! We celebrated his birthday with his family by going out to breakfast, and then with mine at The Rabens for Christmas Eve dinner. I got him the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy. I know, I’m a cool wife. But I will admit, it was selfish. I wanted them too.

Brad and I got each other a very modest amount of gifts, it’s our first Christmas and it’s about about the presents anyway. I got brad a video game he had been wanting, and he got me a computer game I had been wanting and a perfume I've been wanting forever. We saw the last bottle at the store, and he grabbed it as we were walking away without letting me notice, that little trickster.

My Mother and Father in law totally spoiled us. I got a Kindle! Brad got a new cell phone and on top of that, they got us a printer/scanner! Talk about being technologically up to date! Now brad and I won’t have to go to the school’s library to print out important documents. Because seriously, that walk in the snow? Get real.

While we were enjoying the fresh air in Washington, our apartment froze. Literally. Our door was frozen shut, Brad shoulder rammed that thing so hard. We had to blow dry it the next day it get it to shut all the way! Brad also noticed, get this, FROST on our cans in our LAZY Susan. Just thought I’d clarify that it’s a Lazy Susan. Not Lady Susan, as I’ve been referring it as for two days. Thanks spell check!

I started going back to work yesterday, and let me tell you. I am exhausted. Today especially since I covered my class in the afternoon too. It was good, but it will take a couple days to get things back to normal. I taught them a new song that brad taught me on our drive home from Boise. My kids call it the lemon song, and it’s about if the rain were lemon drops and gum drops. The end is their favorite because I’ll stick out my tongue and sing the tune.

There was a lot of haircutting while I was home, which was good because I like doing it, but it felt like that’s what I spent our visit doing. Maybe next time I’ll forget my shears haha, just kidding…maybe? Overall it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back! I’ll post pictures later, I didn’t really take any ]:

By the way, Thanks Levi and Steph for the first season of Mad Men! We watch two episodes a night, thanks for feeding our new addiction!


Stephanie Vogel said...

Your welcome! You have to catch up on all the seasons though!! It's soooo gooooood. We might watch them all over again because well.. were ob.sessed. Don't you dare forget your shears!!! Your my favorite hair stylist...no one is as good as you! By the time your here next little Bug will need a hair cut, I bet. You have to be the first to cut her hair! If I could drive to Idaho I would, your that amazingzing. The snow scares me or else I would.

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