Monday, January 24, 2011

Something new

I am going to start a weekly pin post.

If you look to the left, you’ll see my “Follow my Pins” Badge right above the awesome Inception quote. You have to say that as if I’m a tour guide.

Pinterest is an online catalogue of any picture you’d find on the internet. People “Pin” what they think is interesting, and other people can see that and “Re Pin” it. You can also follow people, and see the most popular pins, and what people are saying about them. It’s like Twitter and Photobucket put together, just a lot cooler.

It’s genius. It’s like a virtual pin board to keep track of all my ideas, about everything. I made my own categories, along with the ones that are preset.

I’ll post a quote, an animal, some type of clothing, and something awesome.

I hope what little followers I have will enjoy my Pinterest posts, as much as I enjoy pinning them.

Have you seen the digital short for snl called “Andy and Pee Wee’s night out”?


Fun fact- My husband loved Pee Wee as a child, he laughed so hard while watching this video…and at that picture.

Oh another fact, but no surprise (and not fun) I’m sick. It’s a cold, and not as bad as that past ones but a cold nonetheless. Boo.


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