Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had the best day with you.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Brad. Needless to say^^^

Morning: Picked up an uh-mazing array, yes, array, of fruits and veggies for $15.00! Bountiful Baskets, anyone?

snow, snowman, daycare 112-1

Mid-morning: Made delicious omelets with said vegetables while watching Lost, silently wishing Locke and Jack would morph into Don and Sterling.

Noon: Cleaned our apartment.

Afternoon: Spent an hour in a tiny Antique Shop in Rigby. Tried on two dresses, four skirts, got stuck in a shirt, and ended up leaving with two pairs of earrings. Brad said I looked like Peggy from Mad Men with the skirts, so I opted not to. His also said “That dress is too young for you” and I said “Hogwash. I’m only 20 years old.” That owner thought that was pretty funny. My man has a way with words. But to give him credit, it was a red corduroy jumper.

earrings, soup 005-1earrings, soup 007

Speaking of, Brad has been talking about finding a vintage razor for weeks. Literally, he found three sets at this shop. Guess who is the proud new owner of this baby? Neet-o. This is what we call, a good buy baby.

earrings, soup 008

After-Afternoon: Finally met Brad’s Uncle Ben, his girls, and Brad’s Cousin Megan and her husband Sterling at Wal Mart.

Evening: Bought TWO pairs of Joe’s jeans for…hold onto something sturdy, $50.00 total. I saved $200 big ones! Don’t pass out, as I nearly did. That’d be embarrassing.

After that transaction: Brad found the men’s section of the store. Go figure, on our way out. He bought a light jacket for $2.50, retailed at $80.00. Aaaand, I found the accessories. As in, a gray belt and a faded nautical scarf.

30 Minutes Later: Met eight of our awesome friends at Wingers for some sticky fingers! Brad and I were converted, thanks Chase and Ali for introducing us!

Night: Put on what snow attire we had as in, layers and layers, some hotties and plastic bags on our feetsies (Hey I’m Chandler- Could I be wearing anymore clothes?) Sledding! That’s what we did. Yes, I went outside in the snow…to play. It was lots of fun, and after we had yummy hot peppermint cocoa and played Apple to Apples. Well, they played, I beat everyone. It’s always the quiet ones.

snow, snowman, daycare 074-2

Thanks for the best day.


Coco said...

You two are so cute! I wish my husband would go to antique shops with me. poo.

Stephanie Vogel said...

Yeah you are lucky to have a hubby that will go shopping with you. I'm mad at you joes for $50. You officially suck. #1 reason.. I couldn't wear them if I wanted because of pregoness and #2 because you found such a good deal. Where was this place you found the good deal on jeans, You didn't say. The earrings are so cute and the fruit looks delish!

Haley said...

Down east basics stores do a thing like ross I guess. They have lucky's too and even meks. They are discounted and yesterday they marked down their sale rack even more! lucky me!

Going to the antique shop was alll brad. He's pretty awesome

Brittany said...

I SAW THAT SALE AT DOWN EAST, such a steal! too bad joes look crappy on me:(

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