Friday, November 5, 2010

that's not my name :]

My name isn't teacher. The toddlers at the daycare are accustomed to having unfamiliar faces in and out, like subs. I've been their constant teacher for about a month now, and I'm planning on being there a long time. So I figure they should know my name.

Every time I hear, "Teeeacher" I sing "That's not my name" by the ting tings. just kidding. But really I say that and they giggle and get bashful and say "Hay-yee" It gets me every time. As much as I dislike icky diapers and crusty noses, I love going to work.

Today, one of my boys as holding onto my leg and I hear him say to another boy, "MY HEY-YEE!" haha! The other responded the same, I told them to share. They love me :] It's nice having the approval of eight smiling, messy, giggling, sometimes gumpy, faces. That way, we won't have to have our own for awhile haha.

Oh and potty training is hard, props to those parents out there doing it right now.

Anyway, Brad and I are doing good. He's taking tests all the time, I work all the time. We keep busy. Excited to go home for christmas!! ahh!

Hunger games update: I'm almost done reading catching fire for the second time. I am trying to figure out who I side with. Katniss obviously, is my favorite character but when it comes to Gale and Peeta I am not quite sure who I'm rooting for. Reading catching fire the second time I am noticing a lot of things I didn't pick up before, or feelings I didn't imagine from their perspective. It was definitely a good idea, I am just excited this time as I was the first time. But overall, I am leading towards gale :]


Stephanie Vogel said...

Those poor little toddlers for 1 their in daycare, 2 they havn't had a consistent teacher :(. Good thing they have miss hay-yee! How cute, I'm glad you are enjoying it

Kaeli Elise said...

Aw, so cute! I'm the preschool teacher at church. And, without fail, the kids always call me, "teacher" too! And then I say, "Silly, you know my name!" And they get all shy and say, "Miss Kaeli." Gotta love kids!

Stephie said...

I know those days and feelings! I love when my kids give really blunt responses of what happened or like today when I asked one of them what happened (he was very upset) but he was too flustered to explain and just spouted out "she! she is NAUGHTY!" haha

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