Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloweenie :[

It's Halloween!
..and I'm sick as a dog :[

Last week was my first full week as a teacher with my class! It was fun and exhausting. Hence, why I am sick. I've been drinking two emergenC's a day and I've washed my hands so much that my knuckles started bleeding, and I still got sick! Did I mention Zicam is my new bff? Bradley is so good at taking care of me, even though he is starting to get sick too. Yesterday, He let me watch Princess and the Frog, and the Love Guru. He made me hot honey/lemon/emergenC tea and ran to wal mart to get medicine. So I've been taking claritin d, sucking on ricola, and putting similisan ear drops in my ears constantly....the itchy ears are the worst! He didn't even get mad at me for waking him up last night with my terrible coughing fits. He's the best :]

On Tuesday we had a few couples over to carve pumpkins! Chase and Ali, Brandon and his girlfriend Robyn, and Travis and his girlfriend Lindsay all squeezed into what we thought was our big kitchen and carved away. Here is our pumpkin:

And everyone's finished pumpkins!

Left to right
Chase and Ali's, Travis and Lindsay's, Brandon and Robyn's, and mine and Brad's

At work we had a Halloween carnival for the kids! Since I had two year olds we mostly just gave them the candy and treats since they didn't know how to do the games. I was dressed up as a crayon, and brad made my costume! He can do anything with duct tape, some of the teachers were pretty impressed :]

Fairies, Vampires and Devils were popular this year :]

My Parent's decided to stop in Rexburg on their way down to Texas! They are moving there for a year for my dad's new job. It was so good to see them and they brought along Maximus! I missed my little baby max so much! I have a picture of him on my dresser, but that's not as good as being able to cuddle with him. My Mom helped me make dinner for them, and my dad gave me a much needed adjustment. I was starting to get sick the night they came so we just stayed home that night and they left the next morning. It was a short trip but it will hold me over until Christmas :]

Brad's parents bought us plane tickets home! It's official! I am sooo thankful because I have been so homesick. My oldest brother and his wife, along with baby Vivienne moved to Spokane earlier this month so all the siblings are in Washington state except me :[ Tyler and Kortni will move here next year after they get hitched so that will be good to have them close. So my parents will be going back to Washington for Christmas also! I am so excited!

This week, I am just going to try and get better...and not get brad more sick. Tomorrow for family night, I am going to try and get things to make caramel apples. Think Mrs. Prindables...Oh yeah, that's what I'm going for.

Send us your healthy vibes!

P.S.- I just finished Catching Fire and I'm reading it again before I start Mockingjay!


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