Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OBSESSED [literally]

If you're not reading this book, you're wasting your time. Sorry, but whatever lame book you're reading now does not compare to the brilliant and suspenseful EVERYTHING that is this book.

Now, go return your picture book to the library, march to the nearest barnes & noble and buy the trilogy. Don't bother trying to check it out, it won't be at the library--everyone and their mother beat you to it.

This isn't your baby sisters twilight.

I've been begging brad to read it, I've told him the basic storyline. Maybe he'll take me seriously since he saw my mascara dried to my cheeks this afternoon.

They're already throwing around names for the movies! There are a few contenders, and so far Jodelle Ferland has my vote.

HELLO, Dead ringer! She's Katniss Everdeen in my eyes! I guess she's been in a ton of horror movies as a child, but whatev. My biggest fear is that they will try and give her sex appeal and totally ruin her charector. I hate that about movies.

And PEETA! I wonder, all this is making me so excited!! ahh!

I just had to share, brad thinks I'm over exaggerating and maybe I am a little bit because I haven't been this excited about a book in years! Either way, I love this book and I don't see how anyone else wouldn't feel the same way.


Stephanie Vogel said...

Everything You've said is right on. A billion times better than twilight. It's a book men and women would enjoy. I think Tanner may read it he was asking mom about it. I hope the movie is good...I'm always nervous about movies that stem from books. Cute blog header....I don't even know how to do that. You'll have to show me!

Kaeli Elise said...

I tried to get this book from the library, and I was like number 56 on the hold list......

Haley Elise said...

Kaeli! I'm shocked you haven't read it yet! You would loooove this book, you might as well buy it so you can read it more than once. I read the first half twice because I read through it so fast the first time.

Steph, I wanted to start the second one today, but brad hid it from me while I was at work :[ I tore the apartment apart looking for it but he probably put it in his backpack lol

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