Sunday, October 17, 2010

As of late...

I got a full time job
Brad changed his major
I got a new* car
Brad has been taking the wrong classes for two semesters
WE are getting another Niece/Nephew!!!
My parents are moving :[
The Hunger Games

I have been working at Apple Tree Learning Center as a sub the past few weeks. I love it, but I disliked being woken at 5am to come in last minute because a teacher got sick. But I don't have to worry about that anymore because they offered me a full time teaching position! I am the new morning teacher for the 2 year olds. I think they're called the "apple dumplings" Each class has an apple name, it's cute :] I will get 35 minimum hours a week, but if someone asks me to sub for the afternoon I can always get more. I'll have a class of six, and I'll make weekly lessons plans and attempt to stick with the schedule as much as possible :] When I first trained I went to each room for a 1/2 hour and when I got to this class I knew it's where I wanted to end up. They respond to their name, love to help, and sit at the table for meals when asked-but don't get me wrong, I'm not doubting I'll see their terrible twos attitude. I got hired at the right time because that teacher ended up telling me she was putting in her two weeks and that she wanted me to take over her class. The other teachers talked to the director and raved about me (Let me have my shining moment here, please) and the director was impressed so she offered me the position!

Anywho, Brad had a nagging feeling he needed to go change his major. He was declared as Health Science, but now he is an official Health Administrator Major. In the process he found out that BYUI didn't have record of his Associates degree on his grad report. So they sent him to records and sure enough, they had it but just didn't add it to his report. THEREFORE, Brad has been taking the WRONG foundations classes! For two semesters! Which basically means he's been working on a 2nd associates!!! And that since he changed his major, some of his classes won't switch over. But that's not byu's fault, that's just what happens when you are figuring out what you want to do when you grow up. This was the same day I was offered my job. Good news and bad news day. I cried because I was so upset when brad told me that the only class he needs currently this semester is Book of Mormon. He's been studying hard and trying to figure out what his anatomy and physiology teacher is trying to teach, only to find out he doesn't need it anymore. And he can't drop his classes because he'll be put on academic probation, or get W's (getting a class waived) on his grad report. And that won't look good when we go to get his masters. So were going to try and see what classes he will be reimbursed for, because byui made a big mistake.

I can't drive a stick. End of Story. I panic, lose focus, and cry. All of which added together=anxiety. We ended up selling brads honda, to someone in a neighboring apartment complex. So we can still go say hi when brad misses it. We sold it for the same cost that we bought our new* car for. New as in '98 pontiac sunfire. I love it, it is an automatic! Sure, there's a crack in the windshield, the paint bubbled, the vents are missing, the front two hubcaps are gone and it barks when it turns on but it's mine and it gets me to work :]

My sister is pregnant again! I hope it's a boy, I hope it's a boy, I hope it's a boy. That's my good thought mantra for a boy. We need a baby boy in the family! She gets her ultrasound next month and I have it marked on our cat calendar. But regardless of what she has that baby will be just as spoiled as the rest!

And lastly, my parents are moving :[ They are moving back to ft worth, tx. My dad got a job there, which is a good thing buuuut I won't see them as much when we come home to visit :[ I hope my mom enjoys texas more than she did last time! I love you guys!

Brad's Aunt Belinda is the closest person to family here, She knows how to take care of us! She's letting me borrow her Hunger Games book. I can't put it down! I read part 1 in 24 hours and I've forced myself to reread it because I am picky when it comes to books that I can't put down and I want to savor this! So I havent gotten to the actual hunger games part yet but I am picking up things that I missed the first-half-way-time-through. Needless to say, I LOVE IT!

Anyhoo, We never posted pictures of our apartment! Except the kitchen kinda. I don't think we'll be here next year and I have a sneaking feeling the next one won't be as nice.

Kitchen, where I am blogging from:

Living room, where we watch lots and lots of movies, and currently brad is watching a superman cartoon:
Bathroom, where we have 12 minutes of hot water, and a million of my products:

Brad's study room, and his make shift desk:
Oh and a couple weeks ago we had a picnic! We packed sandwiches, granola bars, applesauce, and fruit and went to the sand dunes in St Anthony :] It was warm, but we found a shady spot by the water..which meant dragonflies, lots of dragonflies.

He is just so handsome!He doesn't like healthy applesauce :]



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