Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching up!

I started the post over a month ago...sorry it's taken me so long :[

Brad had his friends over to visit! It was fun, we did lots of things and it was nice because they reminded me of when we'd all hang out back home. One of the nights, we went to this restaurant called Big Juds. It's known for their hamburgers, and they're really big hamburgers. Really, they have huge ones. Man Vs Food went to the one in Boise, I'm not sure if he finished it or not. Brandon and Mike both ordered it, I'm not sure if they ordered the double or the triple but needless to say...

They finished half their own, it was impressive. I'd never be able to eat that, I barely finished my own burger haha. While they were here they went with brad, brandon and travis to the ice caves. I opted out. They didn't get any pictures because it was dark, but let me tell you, you will never catch me in an ice cave. Brad told me there were parts where they were sliding on their backs with the ceiling a foot above their faces. Brad said it was a good thing I didn't go haha.

They spray painted tee shirts and they were very proud of them, brandons was hilarious:

They were only here for a couple days, but it was fun!
The fair was here! It was nothing like the Puyallup fair (it was a sad comparison, especially the food options) But Idaho is very proud of it! First, we went to see the horses. I don't like them that much, they're too big. They are beautiful, big animals though! Everytime I would go to pet one, I would hesitate and they knew I was nervous so they would turn their head :[ So I took pictures instead :]

I thought this one had awesome hair-And then the goat...their eyes are weird, brad and I both agree they are kinda crazy looking. Like they are always watching...

Princess...OPRAH...and Spaz. I thought it was hilarious how they named one Oprah! For food we had smoked turkey tasted just like ham!
This next picture, brad wanted me to stand by those HUGE horses with the hairy feet. I was nervous to get close because it could have probably jumped over the bar that it was behind.It was the biggest horse I've ever seen! If you know me very well, you'd know that I do not do well near horses- if the earlier pictures weren't enough of a hint haha.

If I had gotten any closer I think I would have had a panic attack. Don't let the nervous smile fool you. I was afraid it was going to eat my hair so I'm glad it turned it's head!

I'll try and post again soon, I have a lot to catch up on :]


Stephanie Vogel said...

The burger and turkey leg look yummy. Remember in BD we'd go to the library and look at those horses??

Haley Elise said...

Oh yeah I remember that, they were friendly and walked from across the pasture to see us haha

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