Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey hot stuff!

That’s what I yelled at my husband from my car, on my way home from work today as he was riding his bike to campus. He made me blush. I love it when that happens.

And I hate it when this happens.

food and sad snow 012

When it snows on a Monday. Monday’s already suck at it is. But then there is the rest of the week.

But then there’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on friday……fun.

You’d be crazy to think I wasn’t going to do that. Anyways, this weekend we are heading down to Salt Lake! We’re going to General Conference on Sunday and we have a fun filled weekend getaway planned. Well, I do. Brad doesn’t really know about all of it.

We both took tomorrow off of work, to do some of our very favorite things.

Sleep, for one. Road tripping, for two. Antique shopping AS we’re road tripping, for thirdsies!

For serious, I married my soul mate. And yes, I started typing “cereal” instead of serious. cereal. We always find something we love. My last love was a brown leather belt and it was perfect, as in 5.00 perfect. Brad’s last love a razor, of course! There are lots of antique shops from here to SLC and we plan on stopping at them!

I ran out of face lotion. My staple. The closest I have found it in Id, is in Boise. Go figure. Well, I’ve been holding out for weeks, knowing I could buy some At Salon Services in SLC on Saturday! I even tried using Aveeno, and it nearly burned my skin off and I haven’t been able to wear make up in two weeks. I’ve been using it for years and I’ll never use anything else!

I’m so glad brad and I get a weekend out of Rexburg, we really need it.

Now Laugh!


Stephanie Vogel said...

you yelled hot stuff to brad and you blushed?? He should be blushing lol. Don't remind me of last conference I might explode lol or burst into a fountain of tears. I'm still pissed. :) I'm jealous you get to go on a lil trip though, so fun. I guess I'll just cuddle my little man, he is perfection & so EASY!! yay!

Haley said...

It was the way he waved and smiled when he saw me. So dreamy!

I wanna cuddle with Baron too! I'm jealous :[

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