Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have I ever told you

that I married a pretty cool man? Did I ever tell you that he’s pretty good at thrifting? Well now you know, and now you’re jealous. He’s pretty dapper. Which is like, the highest compliment anyone could ever give a man. You should see him on Sundays…the man is dapper. Just don’t give him the googley eyes, he gets enough of that at wal mart.

Does this man look familiar? He should. It’s the Don Draper. He’s the definition of dapper.

And how do dapper men shave?

What a coincidence.

shave, food 007

Dapper men shave with these;

razor 001

This one is a Gillette TTO (Twist To Open,) or Butterfly razor. Only razors made before 1921 have serial numbers and this one didn’t have one on the handle, so we can only assume when it was made. But the type of stars printed on it remind me of late fifties, early sixties. The top opens from the center and a double edged razor sits in the middle.

earrings, soup 008

This one is a Gillette Safety Razor, it happens to be made in 1911. The double edged razor sits in between two plates that the handle screws into. The silver case holds the blades.

razor 002

He started shaving this way after we got tired of paying for dang expensive razors 16.99 for four razor blades? And he had been debating buying one for awhile and once we found one at the antique shop, he had to have it. He loves it. It takes longer to shave, but his skin in the smoothest I’ve ever felt it. He even let me mix his soap once, it made me feel special. Did I mention how cheap it is to shave this way? We found the razors at an antique shop for $16.oo total, a pack of 10 blades costs $3.oo, and a bar of soap costs $1.oo.

He is basically the most dapper, handsome, and creative man I could have ever fallen in lurve with.


By the way, what is the female version of dapper, you ask? Va Voom.

Joan Harris, previously Holloway.

Va Voom.


Stephanie Vogel said...

Mad men obsessed much?? Lol JOAN??? What about PEGS??? lol jk Pegs has come a long way you have to give her credit. Sometimes Joan doesn't look human lol because she's so curvaceous

Haley said...

She is beautiful! I admit, I have a lady crush on Joan. Betty is very pretty, but she doesn't smile. But then again I see pictures of her in real life when she smiles and she's prettier when she's depressed Betty. lol

It's funny, as soon as Brad bought his razor, we watched mad men, and it was the episode Sterling and Don went to the barber shop haha

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