Monday, April 4, 2011


that’s what this weekend was. We stopped at antique shops, brad’s grandparents taught us card games, we went shopping in slc, ate at Tucano’s, and went to conference. Loved it.

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Breakfast at JB’s before we left. Eating chicken hearts at Tucano’s in SLC. The Salt Lake Temple, my ticket and the view of the Conference Center from our seats. Outside of Tucano’s and the view from the restaurant. Showing Grandpa Kunz how to search the internet on my phone. He’s a Jimmer Fan. The drive home, my ring shining in the natural light caught my eye. The shoes that made my heart beat faster when I put them on. Pretty colors on our drive home.

By the way, getting your hair “brushed” with play forks, and slotted spoons in my case, really isn’t that bad. Especially when about five two years do it. And then they pretend to eat it. That Ariel was onto something.


The Lucas Gang said...

im jealous, i so want to go to conference sometime! glad you had a fun time!

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