Friday, February 10, 2012

I had a birthday!


And I’m two number two candles old!

I started the day with work. 8:45 to 4:15 not that bad. Bradley made my favorite breakfast. Oats and Honey granola, almond milk and cut strawberries. I was running late and I have my hair to blame. My hair tie snapped, and my first bun wasn’t big enough. I wore my favorite scarf. The coral and cream colored one with gaudy prints of costume jewelry on it. I wore my favorite boots too. The ones I got on my birthday last year.

Brad gave me one of my presents before work, a Sonicare toothbrush. He got me the Clarisonic for Christmas, and now our little Sonic family is complete. While I was working, My sweet sister and niece left me a voicemail, singing me Happy Birthday and it was so nice!


After work, I picked my hubby up from campus and got changed into my birthday outfit! He gave me another gift, a new blender! I guess I am a real adult now since I asked for a toothbrush and a blender. By the time I’m thirty I might be asking for some new tires or something.

We were off to one of our favorite restaurants for sushi, rice and tempura bananas. I don’t like picking sushi because it’s too much pressure, so I let brad do the choosing. The roll had crusted tuna, spicy crab, cream cheese, crunchies and some other delicious things. Wouldn’t I make a fabulous waitress? You should have seen the first week I was selling fragrance, juvenile I tell you. I’m a pro now, I know my smells.


We came home with full bellies, and home to more surprises. He told me to close my eyes. He got something out of the freezer, opened some plastic, and dropped something heavy of the floor. “DANG IT! DON’T LOOK!” He dropped the candle onto the floor and it broke in half. Being the genius that he is, he stuck a bobby pin into both ends and voila! He said it would have been easier if we had toothpicks though. Toothpicks give me anxiety, so we don’t keep them in the house. That’s another story, for another time.


He had bought some cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean and stored them in the freezer haha. So they were frozen, but delicious! Since I stopped baking with wheat flour, I store all my cookies in the freezer so I’ve come to prefer baked goods in the frozen form. I had to hurry and make my wish before the broken candle fell over. We sang Happy Birthday and I allotted myself two wishes, since I had two candles and two cupcakes. Better than Whatever and Apple Pie.


We took some silly pictures and settled in for some Mad Men. Brad knows how to spoil me and make me feel special. I picked a winner, a handsome one at that too!


To my parents and in laws- Thanks for the gifts! We love and miss you guys, and thanks for making my day special! And we can’t wait to come home next month!

Ps. Here is last years Birthday post, I’ve noticed there are a few similarities.

  • I wore a scarf
  • I wore those boots I was waiting for in my size
  • Ate a lot of dessert
  • Watched Mad Men
  • Big Hair
  • Awkward pictures

Maybe I haven’t changed that much at all!


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Heh heh.... I haven't changed either! :)

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