Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You look like a monkey and smell like one too.


Thanks for everyone who said Happy Birthday to me! It was a good birthday, just any other Tuesday except I ate enough food to last me two Tuesdays from now. Oh and I’m 21.

Last Saturday, Husband took me shopping. I asked for, as if you don’t already know- BOOTS. You know how essential deodorant is? it’s like that. Unless you’re like my husband and don’t stink until you’ve pumped iron for three days and “forgot” to shower.

I didn’t find THE boots. I’m picky, but Brad never set any clauses or stipulations so that mo-nay is sitting pretty for the perfect boots to come along. Or just in my size on amazon. Brad also ordered me season three of Mad Men! Aaaahh, I’m so fangirling when I get it in the mail.

Last night, on my actual birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse! I think I ate half my body weight. I figured since it was my birthday I’d cheat and eat anything I wanted. Rolls, chili, peanuts, onion blossom, root beer…not to mention the couple of spare ribs they brought me since it was my first time there. Then the meals arrived. Chicken, more ribs, and a loaded baked potato.


Did I mention I have a husband who knows my deepest desires before I realize them?


An Ice cream cake. Not just any ice cream cake, mind you. Eight splendiferous layers of yellow cake, cookie dough ice cream, and fudge. One word- Coldstone.

Fatter. Deliciously fatter.

I got sung to five times, by Husband, my parents and in-laws, a coworker of mine, and a three year old. Hers was particularly cute.

“Happy Birfday to Haley, Happy Birfday to Haley, Happy Birfday to Haley, Happy Birfday to Haley.” and then I made her stop, but she did announce to every new face in the room that “It’s Miff Haleys Birfday today.” adorbs.

Not as adorbs as me showing you all (well, not all, because let’s be real here that’s embarrassing) my awkward photos throughout my young childhood, whaaat?! Enjoy!scan 1scan 3

scan 33scan 5scan 4scan 6scan 2


Stephanie Vogel said...

lol love the "don't copy that's creepy" funny. Ok I have to say it. The group of pictures of you, the 3rd one down you look like willow off of the move (duh) "Willow" hahahaha seriously you do. [insert thought coming from your brain .."FML"] LOL LOVE YOU! hAPPY BIRTHDAY. i KNOW your dieing from uncontrollable laughter, you and your bucket hats, hahaha. You were the strangest child yet the most splendid.

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