Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looky Looky


Husband and I went on an Antique Crawl yesterday and look what I found.

The necklace was made by Avon and it is from the 70’s. The ring matches but it’s not antique.

We went to five antique/thrift shops, some definitely better than others.

bbqin 013-1

No, those sunglasses are not antique. Brad wears them when he wears his glasses. Yes, as in he wears them over his regular glasses. They have bomb side blinders.

Brad is awesome. Wanna know why? We even went to Café Rio and Kohl’s after our long day (Kohls is my new favie store) Wanna know why he is even awesomer? We cleaned our entire apartment when we got home.

He is sa-weet.


Stephanie Vogel said...

he cleaned it or we cleaned it??? confused

Haley said...

We did, I didn't even ask him to help!

Haley said...

he was over shopping by the third store but we let me go to kohls anyway And cleaned. trooper

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