Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas happenings


Let me just tell you, working in retail is not good for your blog. Especially at Christmas time. Serious apologies to my little space on the Internet.

Since I had to work like a maniac and couldn’t come home for Christmas, my in laws came to us! It wouldn’t have been Christmas without some family, for sure. Brad hadn’t seen his parents since the Christmas before, so he was looking forward to spending time with them since I stayed with them twice this year without him. We went out to dinner with them, took them to Rexburg’s finest restaurants (lol) brad gave them a tour of the campus, they all visited me at work, we played lots and lots of cards, and just enjoyed being with family.

We celebrated Brad’s Birthday by making a big breakfast with eggs, baked potato coins, waffles and oj! I loooove breakfast! We watched The Dream works Christmas short movies, and he opened his gifts! He received a one piece bum flap long johns, a stud finder, seek and find book, a drill, and a batman encyclopedia. Look at those goofy smiles :]

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He said the only thing he’s found with his stud finder is his self. Ha!

I made him Funfetti cupcakes, since those are his  favorite. We celebrated with cake and ice cream that night at his aunts house where we played bingo for prizes and played some more cards!

I really missed my family and I wish we could have gone home for Christmas so bad. My parents sent us a box of presents, and I’ve already used them like crazy! My mom knew my love for salad spinners and got me my very first one, as well as the Babycakes vegan, gluten and sugar free cookbook. So far I’ve made the gingerbread and ate half the loaf by myself. No shame!

We made our Christmas tree and ornaments ourselves, since last year we didn’t have a tree because we went to Washington. And who wants to spend $30 on a tree that doesn’t even smell anymore because it’s dried out? who want’s to spend almost as much on a fake tree that smells like plastic and vinyl? certainly not us.  We’re a fan of dumpsters, it’s amazing what people throw away. I found a heavy bottomed pot once. I didn’t keep it because I already have one and I might just make brad crazy..but seriously? who throws that away? take it to the DI people! Anyway, someone bought a tree too big and threw the bottom portion in the dumpster where we found it while taking out the trash. Brad, being the crafty handyman that he is chopped it up, zip tied it together and we had a tree! We also blew up water balloons, made mod podge, and with the help of fabric, glitter and tinsel, we had ornaments!

108IMAG01751021111373IMAG0194Christmas time 2011 016

We also had our own little Ms. Clause. I hope your holidays were swell!


Stephanie Vogel said...

Your guys are so damn crafty! :) I would have never taken a tree out of a dumpster and done all that. You have one nifty guy!

Lindsay Helm said...

We miss you guys! looks like you had a very good christmas :) I love your christmas tree! very creative...perhaps pinterest material

Haley said...

Thanks lindsay! We miss you guys too, come back before I get even more jealous that you're in WA!

Haley said...

Steph, see that picture of brad holding his long johns? he drew that picture for me with the white frame, with chalk pastels. He's pretty amazing!

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