Monday, June 13, 2011


Riverton, wy trip 086-2Riverton, wy trip 120-2Riverton, wy trip 121-3Riverton, wy trip 089-1

Lydia eating her birthday ice cream cake – Baron cooing at me

Some pictures my sister took – except the ones that she’s in. I took those.

It was well worth going for the weekend. I love this second job that brad has, and I love that he loves it too. We went to Riverton, which has a wal mart, dollar store and some restaurants. We spent time at the park, celebrated Levi and Lydia’s birthdays a little early, took the bebes to the perk, and spent very little time with brad. Except the time in the car driving there and back. It’s always my favorite part of traveling with him anyway because I always learn so many new things about him. We have known each other for two years (exactly on Friday, fyi) and there are still things that we learn about each other. Well, I can’t speak for brad, but I learn about him all the time. It’s not like I don’t pay attention, but as our lives change and we’re put into different situations, so do we. 

Anyway, the team moved to Rapid City, South Dakota and that’s quite the drive. We said we’d never drive to Casper, WY again. So Brad will go to Montana with a different team that his Manager is over until we can meet up with them in Montana at the end of July. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

It was so much fun to be around family. Lydia has grown so much! I was upset over something while she was sitting next to me and she told me, “Hey-ee don cry.” My favorite word that she says is psycho. Annnnd check out this video, which explains why she is soaking wet in the above pictures. It was a blast and a half, and I can’t wait to see them again in July!

Untitled from Haley Kunz on Vimeo.

Happiness is your very own bubble machine.

(Please ignore the difference in quality of videos/pictures. My sister is a photographer. I’ve been begging Bradley for a Rebel since forever. Almost got one on black friday but ended up going to the emergency room instead. You win some, you lose some)


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