Monday, May 30, 2011

So we went on a trip…

quite a long time ago. A couple weeks, actually. And I’m posting this just in time for another trip this week! Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see those only a week after we get back!

Casper! 006Casper! 001Casper! 019Casper! 024Casper! 018

Girl woke up from her nap hankerin’ for some floor apples and peanut butter. Auntie Haley knows how to serve up some floor snacks. Messy!

Casper! 032

This is heaven, a little water balloon baby sleeping on you.

Casper! 033Casper! 034

And then having him fall asleep on you at the park, and taking a nap in the sun.

Casper! 041Casper! 040Casper! 046

Play time!

I love this girl,

and this little noisemaker, with lydia having a lil meltdown in the background haha

See you guys this week!!


Stephanie Vogel said...

haha I didn't even know you took these! So cute, Party time this weekend. More like crazy time!!

Anonymous said...

Ok the little bebe is so cute. He makes me want another one!

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