Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Since moving away from home, I catch myself missing the little things that I once took for granted. The green trees, the ocean, and even down to the freakin’ air. But most of all the rain. Brad came home with the biggest smile because it was warm and raining. The thunder just passed and it sounded pretty.

If you know my husband, you’d know he’s a napper. I might have mentioned this before but he’s a man who loves his naps. Every so often he’ll take a nap on the living room floor, because it feels good on his back and this was one of those occasions. We had the windows open and the wind was blowing the sweet smell of rain, and the sound was very soothing. The combination of the breeze, the smell of the rain, and…the floor was a perfect nap atmosphere and Brad is not one to resist. The perfect nap storm.

When Brad naps, he naps. For a long time. It kind of drives me crazy because he won’t wake up then he’s up all night, and he gets these crazy brilliant ideas and starts craft projects. Those don’t drive me crazy though, it’s the vicious cycle that does. Once I woke up at 7am because the washer and dryer were running, and I heard someone doing dishes. It was Brad. The living room and bathroom were clean too. He was a busy bee that night. Often I will thwart his efforts when I know he wants to take a nap, but this time I thought it was a perfect storm too. I already took a nap, it was only fair.

So tonight, he asks me to lay on the floor with him. To cuddle he said, but I really know it was a “keep your friends close, your enemies closer” sort of thing. So we rested and listened to the thunder. I tried to get away after awhile to let him nap, but sometimes it’s nice to lay on the floor with your husband smelling the rain. Listening to the thunder, telling him it reminded me of the noise that comes from my abdomen and it made it sound less pretty. And to sneak kisses when you think he’s half asleep. Brad said it well,

“Life is all about holding each other and listening to the thunder…now shut up.” He said he learned that in his Family Foundations class.

The rain makes me miss Washington, the ocean, the trees, and the northwest rain. The rain is different here than it is at home. Here it is sweet, and home rain smells like pine and the air always smells clean and fresh.

I miss home, and I can’t wait to come visit.

Now if you excuse me, I may or may not have to throw a cold wet washcloth at Brad.


Brittany said...

hahaha this post is so cute, an it made me laugh!

Krystal Lucas said...

“Life is all about holding each other and listening to the thunder…now shut up.” this made me giggle a lot :)

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