Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crafts, Bowling, Pennies, Shirts, Golf, and home made juice!

So, last Saturday it was my mothers birthday!!! I miss her so much, you never realize how much you need your mom until you're expected to not need her anymore. In my case, it was getting married. I still need my mama :[ I call her almost every other time I make dinner. "How do I cook frozen hamburger?" was one of my first phone calls haha. So to show her how much I love and miss her, I made her a fancy watch bracelet :]I love you mom! I miss you and dad so much! I can't wait to come home for christmas! So we live by the train tracks, very close actually. We had just gotten home from getting delicious Millhollow frozen yogurt and we hear the horn coming. All of a sudden, brad leaps from the couch to the other room and runs out the door. I knew instantly what he was doing. He had grabbed a couple pennies, to see if the train would flatten them and how much. The train flattened them like this:
They got pretty flat, it's presents anyone? haha just joking. So that night we decided to have a little date night so we went to this movie theater/bowling alley/arcade called Fat Cats. We didn't have impressive scores, brad won but I got the one and only strike :]!
This ball was only 7 lbs...clearly, you can tell I'm struggling.
The afterwards....
The first was mine, I always get All Lovin No Oven: Cake batter ice cream, chocolate, cookie dough, and whip cream. Brad's was halfway gone before I got to take a picture of his haha. He always gets, Birthday Cake Remix: Cake batter ice cream, brownie, sprinkles and whip cream. They are both delicious, and I refuse to find out how many calories I consume every time we go :]

Guess who likes to golf? well, I like to go to the driving range. Brad got us a big bucket of golf balls and taught me how to use a driver, a number five? and a putter. I am not really sure, they all look the same to me. It was nearly 100 that day, and no clouds so it was hot!

Notice in this picture, how I didn't hit the ball? That happened a lot.Brad was such a good golf teacher, he is very patient and explained everything very well. I even hit one ball past the 150 sign, for real!

As for dinner, a couple that I made that we really liked were:
Chicken Fajitahs!Chicken Milanese with Spaghetti!
Brad said this was the best thing I've made so far. It really was sooo good, he asked for it the next night too haha!

One of the gifts from my parents that we got was a Jack Lallane's Power juicer. We went to the store and bought apples, carrots, oranges, strawberries, bananas, watermelon, lemons, limes, white nectarines, wheat grass, spinach, and mango's. The first time we pretty much did all of them but watermelon, mango's, wheat grass and spinach. It did not taste good, it was so lemony and sour! It tasted like sour lemonade but looked like carrot juice. So we went to the gym and when we got back we put the juice in a blender with yogurt, ice and a banana. It was sooo good!

We like juice at our place haha :]
So another thing we did last week was make our own shirts! We had brandon, travis, chase and his wife, ali come over and we got shirts and spray paint from wal mart. We all did different things with tape and stencils. Brad cut out a horse for his, and I hole punched construction paper and used that as a stencil. And for the back I twisted it up into a little cone and sprayed painted it to make it look tye dye. Brad made another the other day but I'll post it for next weeks blog. he was also very proud of that one.

That was pretty much our week, it was lots of fun :] Missing everyone at home, we love you guys!


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