Sunday, August 22, 2010

This week: death by snow cone, bad habits, wet marbles, dinner, and cards :]

This past week went by pretty slow. I guess that's what happens when you don't have jobs haha. It's amazing how many bad habits you can develop in just one week. The main one is, going to bed late and waking up even later. Last night, neither of us could fall asleep until 4am, FOUR AM! and we didn't get out of bed until one today. I've been on a baking high this week. I think that could develop into a bad habit for sure! I made chocolate chip banana bread and made an oreo dessert. It came from a box, and it was like a frozen delicious cheesecake!

Sooooo yummy!
So other then applying to jobs in the area we have just been hanging out. We applied to a craft store here and brad had mentioned before about putting lucky bamboo in the bathroom. So while we were there we passed a whole lucky bamboo section! While brad was picking some out, I found the jars full of what looked like marbles. I, being curious and feeling like I should touch them, did just that. They were soft and wet marbles, they were amazing! we couldn't stop touching them haha! So we ended up buying clear ones, as well as some green glass pebbles to fill a jar we have. Brad should be an interior designer :]

So we had a lot of the amazing wet marbles left, so the directions said to just let them dry up back to their origonal size (which is smaller than rice!) So here is a funny story and another reason why I think brad and I were meant for each other. I was in the kitchen alone, and every once in awhile when I would pass the bowl filled with the extras, I would sink my hands in them. They feel so wierd, like little eye balls or something! It made me feel like a child because I couldn't leave them alone they felt so squishy, it was just silly. Later, I walk into the kitchen and I see brad mushing his hands in the bowl, and as soon as he heard me he looked over his shoulder like he got caught being weird haha! We laughed a lot and since it was out in the open that we were both doing it, we just did it together and talked about how cool they felt haha

Anyways, I think my cooking has improved. I made a chicken bow tie pasta with a really simple alfredo sauce with broccoli and garlic bread. Brad loved it! That night we made cookie dough milkshakes for dessert, well brad did and I ate it really quick :]

That dinner was funny, brad is hilarious and he is seriously my favorite dancer. He is so silly, and he knows it too. His dance moves crack me up, I was trying to get him to dance on camera and he wouldn't do it! So I got me begging him to dance on video, I figure it's the next best thing. But he does do a ballerina twirl in it :]

So the Madison county fair is going on, and it's the tiniest fair ever. Like of.all.time. It had tiny rides, and they only had one kid on them and they didn't look too impressed either. So if youre curious as to why the post heading says death by snow cone, this is why. I have food allergies to corn. And corn syrup is used to flavor snow cones. The last time I had one though, I was fine! So i figured I was in the clear and got a Peach Raspberry with cream. That was friday, today is sunday and I between then and this morning I had been rolling around, wimpering in pain like a kicked puppy. It was terrible. Never again will I trust a snow cone.Looks innocent, right? and by innocent, I mean delicious.

On Sundays we go over to Brads Aunt Belinda and Uncle Mikes house for dinner and tonight we played cards afterwards. We played Crown, which is like Rook. Everyone in my family knows that I suck at it haha. Brad helped tell me when I could lay down my cards, good thing he's honest because he would go right after me! I ened up doing second worst, with a final score of 164! Also on sundays, byu-i students will sing hymns underneath the stadium bleachers and brad wanted to take me so we met up with some people we know, and went to there place afterwards.

It was a good week, regardless of being sick. I love my husband, miss my family so much. Especially my parents, it was my mama's birthday this week and we got to webcam with them and walked the laptop around the apt so they could see our place. It was nice :]
We're planning on going to the sand dunes this weekend with a bunch of people, so I'll possibly blog about that next sunday.

From rexburg, with love :]


Stephanie Vogel said...

You are so funny, death by snow cone, that sounds horrible. Squishy beads? LOL you both are perfect for each other!

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