Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take a wiff…sniff

I got a job! And it doesn’t pay doo doo either, baby!

I’m a perfume ladayyy now !

I’m working at Macy’s, and it’s my favorite department store (eeep! discounts!) Of course, it’s kind of a bummer to have to drive to Idaho Falls but it’s no different from driving from Puyallup to Tacoma everyday in beauty school. Besides, it’s where we do all of our grocery shopping anyway, so it’s convenient that way. If you’re buying groceries in Rexburg, you’re paying way too much, fyi.

The hardest part is describing the perfume any other way than, “It smells good.”

I really like it so far, I have awesome coworkers and Brad will never have to guess what perfume to get me because I can just tell him and he’ll get my discount too. Win win.

So far my favorites for Women;

Dolce & Gabanna The One, Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche, and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.


John Varvattos Artisan, YSL L’Homme, Gucci Guilty, and Azzaro Chrome.

I knew taking french in High School would come in handy one day. I’ve left work plenty of times with a headache, but I can’t help but smelling a ton of them each shift. A scene from one of my favorite movies:



When we were in Sheridan, Wyoming my sister took a picture of us holding one of our wedding pictures. I saw someone do this on pinterest and thought it would be a cute tradition to have! Every year we will take a picture while holding a picture from the year before around our anniversary. This is just one of them, it’s kind of hard to see the picture we’re holding in this one. But Brad is so handsome, I couldn’t help posting it.



Stephie said...

I LOVE IT!!! I love the picture and the video (elf is my FAVORITE) and I love that you get to work at Macys! thats my favorite department store too. Also, you and brad always have the nicest pictures taken... who takes them?! I have been trying to find someone to take some family pictures for us...

Haley said...

I love elf too! We'll see how much I love macys after I've worked there awhile haha!

Thanks! My sister takes pictures, but she is living in Washington right now :/

I've known a couple people to get their pictures done by this lady here in rexburg. She's awesome!

katherine said...

woah, are you from puyallup?! because that's my home town girl!

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