Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not really a blog post

I’m just posting this because I have less than five minutes left to use the computer because Brad has homework. Lame. I was looking through my camera and I realized I’m almost three weeks behind in blogging. For serious. I have to blog about the plastic on our last apartments window, whaaat? the walk we took on the train tracks, probably some pictures of food or something, I love food and the fat kid inside me wants to take pictures of what I’m about to eat all the time, my sister and her cute babies coming to sexyrexy to stay with us! our fish…all 16 or 17 of them and a frog, the walk we took yesterday at the perk, and the Easter Bradley and dying Easter eggs.

by the way, Brad and I quote that video so much we’ve incorporated it into our daily vocabulary that I forgot it all came from this video.

“Crusty Crusts” when we have chapped lips or I’m wiping boogy noses at work.

“STAY ON YO SIDE!!” When we almost get in an accident. It’s never our fault.

“TOW UP” Whenever something is tow up.

“Peter at the perk” whenever we want to go to the park.

“What-err” you know.

“Can’t resiss thiss” whenever we’re irresistible. Or I know I look terrible.

“Consididate” instead of considerate.

Anyway, look very soon for actual posts.


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