Monday, March 7, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I sound like a turkey. According to a preschooler, I don’t sound like a man, I sound like a turkey.  A preschoolers words, not mine. Because I don't have any. No voice=no words.

I was sick last week. Working in a daycare, I have a  bi-weekly rotation of sicknesses. I’m better, but now my voice is gone.

Wanna know what I made for dinner tonight? Garlic basil shrimp, with a asian salad. We had this last night and it was so good. And when I say so good I mean it was as if Thailand had a fourth of July, in my mouth.


Wanna know something cute? A two year old singing “I love to see the Temple.”

I melted, right there and then. This was the same one who blessed his lunch, and timed his prayer to end right as I handed him his plate. Adorbs.


Lindsay Lou said... if Thailand had a fourth of July, in my mouth...hahaha. omgosh. That was a really good one :)

Courtney B said...

I hope you're feeling better!! Kids are so fun and sweet but when you get sick from them... ugh!
Your blog is so cute and you and your man are adorable!!

Haley said...

Thanks! you're sweet :]

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