Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick Day, Snow Day


So winter finally decided to show us who’s boss and Brad caught a cold. I have a feeling those two go hand in hand. It was President’s day and neither of us had to work. We slept in, cleaned a little, and I gave him a haircut. I made blackberry preserves and wore leggings for 3/4  of the day. Best cozy sick day. I got to take care of him AND spend the whole day with him!

Our day mostly rotated around the movie, soup, emergen-c tea routine…with a little sammies and liar’s dice in the evening. As you can see, I beat him pretty good. Between you and me- He basically handed me his dice, and I gave his competitive side a band-aid in return. I’m only being so harsh because my liar’s dice pride is soaring, considering I never beat him at games. So this puppy post-it was photographed and then the post-it hidden. There may have been threats of ripping it up, some bribes here and there to keep it a secret, but my memory is fuzzy. I won, and I’m proud.


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