Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm too young

to be layed off. At my age, you're just supposed to put in your two weeks or just stop showing up. I'm 20! It just feels wierd being layed off. The company I work for just decided to end their lease with the mall. I was planning on quitting two weeks before the wedding, now what am I going to do?! No one is going to hire me for five weeks, and I don't qualify for unemployment (dang.) This means I will actually have to buy nail polish if I want to polish them (sigh.) I guess I'll just plan the rest of this wedding and work on my fitness (tough.) I've taken up kick boxing, I am so sore and I've only done it twice! Out of shape, out of shape. Just to let whoever reads this blog know my sister does photography! She's taken beautiful pictures of me and took some of my fiances sister for her senior pictures! shout out to steph:


Stephanie Vogel said...

Kickboxing! Sweet! I wanna do it! Thanks for the shout out sista, you da best. Sorry about your job :(

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